- The latest tyre technology from Mickey Thompson Tyres.



When you drive a tight corner, you notice the time it takes your tyres to respond. True to form, Mickey Thompson, the leader in specialty 4x4 tyre echnology, has designed a tyre that responds faster. POWERPLY is a carcass construction that lessens the twist in the tyre. Less twist means a faster response to your steering.


Traditional 2 or 3 Ply Radial Tyre

Think of it like this. The plies of a traditional 2 or 3 ply radial tyre run in the same direction. In cornering, the plies twist causing tread squirm and power is lost through the side of the tyre. More tread squirm means a slower response time to your steering.

How do POWERPLY tyres respond faster?

With Mickey Thompson's new POWERPLY technology, the first two plies run in the same direction. It's the third ply, the power ply, that makes the difference. The Power Ply is a directional ply running slightly across the two radial plies linking them together and strengthening the tyre. In cornering, the plies twist far less which means less tread squirm giving you greater traction and faster steering response. Put simply, the tyre handles better.



Which Mickey Thompson Tyres have POWERPLY?

The entire MTZ and Claw TTC range of traditional and Specialty Light Truck (SLT) sizes have the new POWERPLY technology. Plus, all SLT sizes in ATZ 4-Rib.